Mountain travel and adventures – in the Canadian Rockies and elsewhere – can be dangerous. When you decide to embark on adventures, you are responsible for your own safety. Make sure you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to be safe and – if you are in doubt, get knowledge before you put yourself at risk – whether from terrain, exposure, animals, or more. Consult with parks services and professional guides.

This website is meant to be a collection of our experiences and to help collaborate among outdoor adventurers. But we assume no responsibility for it, or for your safe adventure. This website could (and undoubtedly does) have omissions, and as much as we all want to be accurate, some information could simply be wrong. We’re human after all. You should assume that any information on this site might be incorrect, and you should always make sure prudent planning means that you do not put yourself in situations which will cause you hazard beyond what you are willing to accept. Importantly, information on this site may be dated, may not reflect current conditions, and may omit to identify hazards.

For winter adventures in avalanche terrain – whether as a skier, boarder, or snowshoer, you should at a minimum have avalanche training accredited by the Canadian Avalanche Association / Avalanche Canada (or similar), along with a beacon, probe, and shovel. You must be equipped to know when you should not proceed because of risk, and how to self-rescue among your group.

We can’t hold your hand,but always be alert, aware of conditions, conscious of the animals with which we share the environment, and considerate of the natural environment.